“The PCB badge that was never meant to be” or “How to lose on a home straight”

The Concept: the secret of the badge

A little earlier, we managed to lift a bit of the veil off what we imagined the OFFZONE 2020 badge to be. In short, it was this:

The Prototype: from a blueprints to a working model

After a short spaghetti-engineering (prototyping on the go) phase, which lasted about ten days, we had our first prototype of the badge on a PCB.

The Software and Design: pogo-pins are simply great

Despite the disturbing news, in general, the development of the badge went according to plan. It was time to start writing software and creating infrastructure.

Getting the Components: what to do, when plans go haywire

Up to this point, the preparation of the badge was generally pretty smooth. Everything changed when we started to purchase components and commission the production of the circuit boards.


Engineer can handle a lot. Even the lack of key components, as it turned out, is not enough to stop them. But when the product concept itself becomes meaningless, the engineer has no choice but to start from scratch.

Every end is a new beginning

We are not ones to hang our heads. The badge development team drastically changed from burning to cooling mode, but only to take on new ideas to generate crazy badge ideas for OFFZONE 2020 v.2.0!



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